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Are you running an interior design business that’s leaving

you feel depleted


Maybe you started out as a hobby designer, or you did it on the side while also juggling parenting or another career, but business has picked up, your schedule has become filled and along the way, you realized that you weren’t running the business anymore - the business was running you.

No doubt, you have the skills needed to succeed… your projects and track record show that- but having a successful design firm is about more than just skill


Now instead of spending most of your time designing- which is the thing you are most passionate about, you spend your time juggling the background chaos of running a business, putting out fires and trying to keep clients happy. 

Welcome to burn out. Population: YOU


But what if there was another way? 


You deserve to have a pipeline full of happy, grateful, repeat clients. 


To feel in control of your business. 


To have the confidence to raise your fees and expand your business


To provide a repeatable, impressive luxury service to even the most discerning client. 


Your clients deserved to be wowed. They are not just paying for the outcome of a finished space but the experience of

the process as well.


Interior design is a customer service industry and if you want to impress your clients, you need to be strategic. 


Strategic in your client communication, customer service, process, marketing and your overall career goals.  


A memorable positive experience with your interior design business will have clients bragging about you to friends and family, writing the rave 5 star reviews that make your heart swell, and returning multiple times to work with you again and again and... 


Now wouldn't that have you dancing with joy and confidence...




I can help you get there…


The Elevated Interior Designer Masterclass: Creating a VIP Experience is my premier program that helps you elevate your interior design business from scattered and stressed out to successful and sought-after. 


I help you with the actionable steps you need to take to find lasting success in your business. In this program, we talk about:


Creating A Repeatable "Wow Your Clients" Process

Building A Team Of Support

Managing Client Expectations With Ease

Creating And Implementing A Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing 

How To Train Your Potential Clients To Be Your Ideal Client

How To Get 5 Star Reviews And A Pipeline Of Referrals

This program consists of 5 modules, with actionable steps, and plenty of bonuses along the way. 


I also provide you with done for you templates, email scripts, and checklists that you can start using right away in your business. 


When you join my program you will also be added to our community group that allows us to collaborate, celebrate wins, answer questions and create a community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs.

I spent many years working in customer service and I combine those skills, along with my marketing and copywriting education as well as my interior design experience to show you how to create a memorable client experience, all while growing your business, getting super clear on your goals, and creating a lasting legacy.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Save your spot here!

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Do You Need More  Help?

Do you need more 1-on-1 assistance? I also provide copywriting and marketing services to my clients. Connect with me so we can discuss!

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