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How do we get started?

Each new client who works with Casa Creative will start out with our consultation, The Marketing Audit. This in depth consultation allows us to speak candidly about what is working well in your business and what is not. We will learn more about you, your goals, your team and your budget. We will provide advice on where best to focus in order to achieve your goals. There is a short survey attached to the booking, which allows us to do the background research required before we meet.

What makes Casa Creative different from other marketing firms?

Our unique ability to write about interior design with knowledge and proper terminology, make us the best experts to help interior designers and other home professionals grow their businesses. I have experience in expanding a client base, increasing  social media engagement and brand awareness, as well as creating practical, concise client documents that help clients navigate the design process with ease, resulting in less stress and a more enjoyable business overall.. 

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Is all the content unique? Who owns the materials?

Each client who works with Casa Creative will receive completely unique, tailored content. No two pieces of content will ever be the exact same so you don't need to worry that you are re-posting already used content. Content is created after we sign our agreement, so you can rest assured that the content is being written with your brand and your ideal client in mind. After you receive and pay for your content, you own the material. We may use posts, newsletters etc. as part of our portfolio, but your information is kept in the strictest of confidence.

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Why do you charge an onboarding fee?

Our set up for success fee allows us to take the time to review your current social media accounts, website etc. and update the branding, key messaging and imagery so that we can start with our best foot forward. It can be very time consuming to ensure all accounts are set up for success so by charging an onboarding fee, it allows us to spend the time auditing and adjusting your accounts.

Why should I outsource my marketing and content creation?

Professional writing does not come naturally to everyone, and even if you have good writing skills, it can still be very time consuming. Your online presence is a huge indicator of your brand and we want to help you elevate your brand awareness so your business can stand out. Outsourcing your marketing and content creation allows you to focus on what you enjoy in your business and doesn't require a full time (or even part time) position to accomplish great things. By outsourcing your content, you will save money while growing your business.

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What kinds of businesses do you work with?

My speciality is working with interior designers, contractors, renovation experts and anyone in the business of beautifying homes. As a remote consultant, I can provide services anywhere within Canada and the USA. If this sounds like you, reach out and let's get started! 

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Can you tell me more about your qualifications?

I am a graduate of the Professional Writing program at MacEwan University, and I also graduated from the Residential Interiors program at the University of Alberta. I've combined my two passions of story telling and writing, with beautiful interiors into a passionate career. I have many strong relationships with industry experts who can attest to my work ethic, strong writing skills, and professional marketing experience.

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I have something else in mind. Do you do custom work?

Absolutely! We love hearing about your needs and what you may want completed to help grow your business. We are always open to discussing custom work and new ideas during our initial meeting, or at any other time during our working relationship. Simple reach out and tell us whats on your mind!

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