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5 Tips For Getting Your Interior Design Work Published

You dream of having your project featured amongst the glossy pages of your favourite interior design magazine…But how do you actually get there? It starts with some research and flipping through some decor magazines until you find one that matches your aesthetic and the type of projects you have that you want featured.

Below are a few more things to keep in mind before you press the submit button!

1. Scope: A large scale renovation is more intriguing to a publisher than a small one room project. They love to create multi-page spreads that walk through an entire home. Consider if you have larger scale projects that could fit within those pages. If you have a smaller project, it will need to be a major “wow” project to interest the publishers.

2. Aesthetics: Just because your client loved your design, doesn’t mean it’s publishing worthy. Your project needs to be different enough to stand out from the rest, but still seem accessible to the readers. Consider which of your projects may be a good fit based on the aesthetics of the magazine, as well as what is currently trendy, and which of your projects has that special wow factor.

3. Location: Are you pitching to a magazine that frequently shares projects from your city? Some magazines are hyper local, whereas others will feature projects from across the globe. Keep this in mind before you spend time pitching.

4. Follow submission guidelines: Each publisher will have different submission guidelines. They can often be found on their “contact page” or by goggling “the magazine name submission”

5. Invest: Consider investing in advertising with your favourite publisher. Not only does this open a door for a longer term relationship, but it gets your project featured in the magazines in a different kind of way. Publishers are more likely to feature projects from businesses that support their magazine through advertising.

Have questions about getting your work published? Let’s talk!

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